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New Rules

OK enough already.  I’m making a new rule.

Nothing bums me out like talking to my dad on Father’s day yesterday and having to answer the endless questions about work/career (or more like the lack thereof.)  And for me that’s been humiliating and uncomfortable territory for over eleven years.  ELEVEN YEARS!

And through all of these eleven years I’ve tried to answer the question creatively, or just plain made up bullshit because not having a permanent job or a title or anything  is embarrassing when most of my friends and relatives have it all, except my brother, who’s in the same boat as I am–a sinker.

I have worked.  I’ve been a contract grant writer.  I did an Americorps year.  (Doesn’t THAT show how desperate I am/was.)  I work temporary gigs.  But I’ve had nothing with benefits or a future for over a decade.  And all of the jobs I qualify for I apply for.  And in two years, I’ve had three interviews.  Three.  I was supposed to hear about the latest one three days ago.  I’ve heard nothing.

So of course, the writing on the wall says I didn’t get it.  The person that did found out last Friday.  In about three weeks I’ll get a form letter saying I’m a loser, I suck, and I should go shoot myself, or at least that’s how I’ll feel when I read it.

So goddammit, I’m making a new rule.  I don’t talk about work–period.  This topic will be permanently off limits to EVERYONE who talks to me–friends, family, even the dogs and cats.  When they bring it up, I’m bringing this rule down.  If they don’t honor my rule, all conversation will cease.  I will walk away.

Anyone who persists will find out how serious I am about this rule.  I am never having this conversation again as long as I live.  And while I’m at it, I’m throwing in the benefits/retirement part as well.  Since I don’t have any, I don’t want to ever talk about it.

If I’m at a social function and am introduced to a new person, the first thing out of my mouth will be “Nice to meet you.  I don’t talk about work, careers, or employee benefits.  If you ask me “what do you do?”  I’m going to say:  “I enforce my rule about not talking about work, careers, or employee benefits.”

So just so we’re all on the same page here…

No conversations, questions, or comments about jobs, working, careers, or employment.   No conversations, questions, or comments about retirement.  No conversations, questions, or comments about health insurance benefits.

Got that?